Now for the Second Question

Your answer indicated that you aren't sure about heaven. Now, I KNOW you're going to like the news I have for you! The Bible says that it IS possible for us to know for sure that we will go to heaven. It says,

"I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life." 1 John 5:13

Before we go on let me ask you the second question:

Suppose you were to die tonight and stand before God and He were to say to you, "Why should I let you into My heaven?" What would you say?

I've tried to live my life good.

I'm basically a good person.

I've gone to church all my life.

I don't deserve to go anywhere else.

I've tried to live my life by the 10 Commandments.

I cannot enter Heaven on my own, I need help.

I don't know what I would say.